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BEGINNING THIS WEDNESDAY! If you know anything about teachers, you know that they work a full day, every day and barely get a break! To help alleviate just a little bit of stress for the teachers at Manchester High School, we are going to cover their lunch duty for them once a week - Wednesdays! 

This allows the teachers to have a moment to actually eat their lunch, have a moment to themselves, make copies, or do whatever they need to do. It is also a great opportunity to connect with students and love on them in the middle of their school day. And we promise you, it is one of the easiest service opportunities that will come your way! You really just have to be present and put on a smile!

If you are interested in being a part of this serve team, please let Carter or Alyssa know or by contacting the church office. If you want more information on what this looks like, talk to Sandra Bartlett or Joyce Hancock! This is an easy job that just requires showing up, chatting with students, and providing a little supervision (no worries, an administrator will still be present in the cafeteria should something happen)!